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Virtual design services are available to help you find design solutions that fit your need, big or small.

Virtual Design

An overview of our projects in BeBritish Columbia


We are here to offer you complete and personalized online interior design help. 


The process begins with an initial one-on-one consultation then you will receive designs concepts based on your requirements and budget with constant designer communication. we create a color palette, floor plan, and online shopping list using great designer discounts. 

in addition, we offer photo-realistic 3d renderings, incorporating new and existing items together to scale. 


Ready to get inspiration, tips, and advice? 


We are available via phone, email and home virtual visits. 


Design packages 


We have flat rates prices for the following: 


  • hallway/entry 

  • living room 

  • combined living/dining 

  • bedroom 

  • home/small office 

  • kitchen 

  • hallway/entry 

  • bathroom 

  • nursery 

  • dining room 

  • patio 

  • business/office 

  • other 

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